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A young African American child, usually 7 years old and under.
Look at all the cute little nigglets at day care.
by Kevin Sly July 14, 2006
when you are sitting down, and instead of a flying dutchmman, your fart is a gentle breeze that lift your balls a bit, usually silent.
when I was at the DMV's, I head a balls burp that smeeled like shit.
by kevin sly July 14, 2006
A white dirty whore bag. They usually come in packs like wolves or hyenas.
Dad:Stop feeling those dirty socks.

Son: I'll try.
by kevin sly July 20, 2006
when you fuck the same poon for the second time.
I got Mary for some de ja poon last night!
by kevin sly July 14, 2006
When the girl giving you oral sex has braces,the braces scrape up your dick, and it hurts like a BITCH!
Laurie was all slice 'n dice on my dick. Next time I am just going straight for the poon.
by kevin sly July 14, 2006
When a crack whore is taken in the alley for sloppy seconds, and four latinos bang her; hence the name "dog legs". Also known as "giraffe shuffle" beacuase of four penis like extremities.
Latino 1: that whore was great, lets take her back for some dog legs.

Latino 2: Sounds great ese.
by kevin sly July 14, 2006
the rare sight of an asian person in a prison.
Dude, when I was visiting my cousin in prison; I saw this chink in the clink getting rammed by a black guy.
by kevin sly July 14, 2006

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