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A question to pose to any person attempting to solve a problem in a way that has failed in the past.
Person #1: "You ran out of gas in your car again?"

Person #2: 'Yes, can you believe it? I don't understand. I always wait until the last minute to fill up my gas tank."

Person #1: "How's that working for you?"
by keshazel February 16, 2012
An alternate name for a Mammogram
When I turned 40 I had my first boob-o-gram. What an ordeal!
by keshazel November 08, 2013
The ad nauseum phone calls husbands make to their wives to "check in".
Phone: "ring" "ring"
Friend: "Gee, I wonder who that could be" "It's a Man Call"
Significant Other (answering call): "Hi Honey"
by keshazel August 05, 2009
Any functional design that is meant for a woman but obviously designed by a man and thereby rendered useless.
Man Design can most readily be found in public restrooms, where the toilet paper dispenser is so low as to not be reachable from a sitting position.

Man Design can also be seen in a public restroom stall that is easier to get into than it is to get out of.

There is nowhere to put a bag or coat when washing ones hands in a public restroom.
by keshazel February 16, 2012
A verb describing what some fabrics do to the fabrics they come in contact with.
The new hoodie I bought at FGCU fuzzed the t-shirt I was wearing and left blue fuzz all over it.
by keshazel February 05, 2009
The little piece of tissue men put on their shaving cuts.
Dude, you still have your mandaid on from when you cut yourself shaving this morning.
by keshazel August 09, 2009

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