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11 definitions by kerri

Box/Cup Thing - n. 1. The container in which breakfast drinks reside
I usually get the chocolate kind in the yellow box/cup thing.
by Kerri March 29, 2005
wild, horny, kinky, mexican sex
Im gonna have some nice lapom with kev tonight
by Kerri February 16, 2004
A condition often occorring with satellite television during storms in which the image "blips" in and out, rendering the program un-watchable
The Real World cannot be seen or heard because the image keeps changing color and flicking around loudly.
by Kerri July 22, 2003
a word that can mean anything but only when used by awesome people.

*also useful*
snapatator, snapatatious, snapatitical, snapaizzle
Myles and Kerri are snapatate.
by Kerri December 12, 2004