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A penis afflicted with an STD
Dude, I'm telling you from experience,if you mess around with Rita, you gonna wish that Pus the magic Dragon lived by the sea, so you can dip him in the water all day!
by kentaylor March 16, 2007
A basketball term; To make eye contact with an open teamate, and then pass the ball to another player, as if to disrespect the first players skills as a viable scoring option.
Small Forward, during a time out; "Hey, what's up with that last set? I was open by a mile, that was a look off".

Point Guard: "I saw you, but that was a little bit out of your range".

Small Forward: "I was gonna drive to the cup".

Point Guard: "you didn't finish the last the last Dime I gave you".

Small Forward: "tell you what, You look me off again, and I'm gonna wring your your little point guard neck after the game".
by kentaylor January 09, 2008
Penicillin or any other drug designed to treat urinary misery or STD's.
Dude # 1: " I feel awful, can you go to the pharmacy and pick up my prescription?"

Dude # 2: "Sure. Erythromycin? Cat, you need a stronger pipe cleaner than that!"

Dude # 1: Yeah like what?

Dude # 2: "Penicillin,maybe even Draino, if you scored with that hoochie you left the club with last week, yuk yuk!"
by Kentaylor March 26, 2007
The plural of "The Man", the oppressor of black people the world over. The man cannot continue to exert control over the masses in singular form, so he's taken to double and triple teaming unsuspecting black folks.
Jesse: "Hey man, how is Rudy's new job working out for him?"

Linwood: "It was going fine, til he put in for a promotion, now "The Men" done had him written up three times in two months for all kind of bogus mess". "He even got written up for writing his lunch order on company paper".
by kentaylor October 01, 2007
The state of having a craving for copious shots of no nonsense hard alcohol.
John: "What's up Dude! Better reach in the cooler and grab you one of them beers".

Craig: "No thank you man, I'm thirsky, pour me a double shot of that Crown Royal".
by kentaylor May 18, 2007
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