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drinks a lot of pabst blue ribbon and coffee, smokes parliaments, has a septum ring, listens to indie rock and some classic rock and hip hop such as the wu tang clan and talib kweli. goes to art school. wears square scarves and plaid fannel shirts. interested in photography, art, and foreign films. likes to go to hipster clubs and dance to girl talk all night.

girls: dramatically side swept bangs, oversized sunglasses or regular fake glasses, super skinny jeans with keds. might possibly have large ear gauges. wears berets.

boys: slightly long messy hair that hasn't been washed in two weeks, wears nike dunks, has a chest tattoo with some dumb saying in latin, probably an alcoholic
from my personal experience with all my hipster friends, they really like PBR and 40s.
by kelzzzzzzz May 15, 2009

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