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A kick ass singer who writes her own songs. However they tend to blend into eachother a little...
But she wud kick Avril's 'hard' ass in a fight, and most importantly, a music contest. Cuz she has...talent! Kerazy idea, huh?
Michelle plays guitar. Avril plays tape.
by kellie May 29, 2003
1. A couple who has not been married long.
2. A show on MTV featuring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
1. "The newlyweds were married a month ago!"
2. "Honey, Newlyweds is on!"
by Kellie November 30, 2003
A homosexual bro. A bro who prefers the company of bro's to bro-ho's.
Dude, did you see the way Matt and Trav were hangin all over each other? Totally Bro-Back Mountain style dude!
by Kellie June 19, 2006
A Screamo/Punk/Hard Rock/Progressive Rock band formed in central louisiana in late 2004. Band members are Scott (bassist), Daniel(guitar), and Zach(drums). They plan to release a demo this coming March-April 2005. Expect live gigs at a garage near you coming late March. (c) HomeMade Disaster Wreckords.

im the guitar palyer for Plain, Merry Christmas Hoe, Alone, Paranoid, and No Such Friends, and the bass palyer for everything else. i do some vocal work, and im 14. i formed the band, and wrote all teh songs except Point Blank, which daniel wrote. i also made up the name. eah, so im cool. im single. and im lookin fabulous. and of course he is]we do band practices at my hosue twice a week, or three times, and usually at daniels on the weekends. we plan to record a demo, or CD. we also are going to start making shirts, so if you want a shirt, tell me, tell me your size, and ill make you one....shirts will cost around 10$, but if you feel like wasting money, get one!

im daniel. i play guitar on whatever sogns scott deosnt, and bass on the others...yeah...
not much to say about him]

hi...my name is zach. im 13 and i play drums. i write alot of songs....not true, i dont write any....well, i make up my own riffs....well, some..., but im the drummer!
i enjoy blink 182, red hot chili peppers, sum 41, 311, ratm, green day, and many other bands.

Other info:
The Nioleptix Font started in early 2004, with Daniel, Scott, Coury, and Genevieve. the band first called itself The Misfortunate. after a month, Scott left the band and Daniel followed soon after. Scott, Daniel, and Zach formed a band in summer of 2004 called X-radio. later in the summer, zach was kicked out of the and because of studies, and sports issues inflicting with the band. later they found a man named Daniel Texada, who played drums for the band for 2 weeks. texada was then kicked out because of drug issues and other harmful things. daniel and Scott were then alone for a month learning how tom paly together, and inventing songs. later, zach came back in ther band, and was almost kicked out. Scott start making up songs, and Daniel made up a song. over the course of time, band practcies became a 3 time weekly thing, Mondays and Thursdays at scotts house, and weekends usually at daniels. the band learned quickly how to play together at better rates. the band then renamed themselves to the Nioleptix Font.
most art work done by Scott and Kellie]
go to the website: http:www.freewebs.com/NioleptixFont
by Kellie March 20, 2005
caps are a new drug thats similar to xtc but legal
great high with no nasty comedowns
"u doin caps tonight bruv"

"yea aite get in da party spirit"

"wheres dat rave again"
by kellie November 24, 2004

You can use this on your friends who are being evil. It works :) They don't know what you are talking about !!
Man!! She is such a wash!!!
by Kellie May 10, 2004
term describing a slutty person.
that girl was an uber-hobag.....
by Kellie April 29, 2003

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