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Ridiculisly storng and muscular vampire, belonging to the Olympic Coven(lives in the olympic peninsula of WA)Created by Dr. Carlisle Cullen.Joker, Intense
family:Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Dr. Carslisle Cullen, Esme Cullen.
Wife: Roselie Cullen
Character in Books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn,
Played By Kellan Lutz in the movie 'Twilight'
Bella"lets make a bet i win and you stop making jokes about my sex life"
Emmett" Ok but if i win be prepared for it to get MUCH worse"
Emmett " Do you know how many houses rose and i broke"
Bella" 1, 2 ,"
Emmett" 3"
bella sits for a minute while emmett strugles to push her arm to the side, she gets bored with the monotony and pushes his arm into the rock so hard it (the rock) breaks. Emmett Cullen Walks away from the arm wreslte dejeted and demands a rematch
by kelli8295 August 11, 2008

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