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The unpredictably random adult swim TV series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich for people with minor to severe cases of ADD. Animators use stop motion animation with toys (action figures, dolls, and claymation for special effects) to form the visual aspect of the show, and many special appearances of celebrities voicing themselves have been made including Stan Lee, Hulk Hogan, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Hu, Scarlett Johansonn, George Lucas, and Mark Hamill
Pirate 1: (has a helm wheel on the front of his pants)
Pirate 2: Arr! What's that steering wheel be for?
Pirate 1: Arrrr, it's driving me nuts!

Mad Scientist: *holding up a sign that reads* "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Robot Chicken: *holds up a sign that reads* "Bawk?"
Mad Scientist: *holds up a sign that reads* "To die in the name of science!"
*pulls out a butcher knife and chases the chicken*

You really have to see a few episodes to get the idea
by kehaz April 29, 2008

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