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2 definitions by keeroonf

Simililar Style Salutations - When you see someone wearing the same attire and you give them a compliment about it. This friendly confrontation usually resolves in both subjects in good spirits.
Guy wearing American Apparel sweater - "Nice sweater"
Responsive Fellow (wearing same sweater) - "Why thank you- Oh my it appears we both have the same sweater! What a jubilant cooinkydink! Similar Style Salutations to your choice of garment too!"

by Keeroonf March 23, 2009
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improve your brain; used when someone says something stupid
Agata: "I saw this in a dream"
Liam: "Your Psychotic?"
Janik: "you mean Psychic..iyb..."
by keeroonf April 08, 2009
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