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A brand of shoes that most of the posters on this site have labeled the official shoe of posers everywhere. In all actuality, just a pair of shoes.

Question:Why are you people so religious about footwear? Like, you all flip out when people "steal your shoes."

If the only thing original about you is the kind of shoes you where, then that should be more concerning than the fact somebody,somewhere,may have the same shoes as you. (Which they are bound to unless you bought custom-made one-of-a-kind shoes)

I actually own etnies. And while I do not skate, (which IS a sport, for all you "non-conformists" who think skaters are the anti-jocks), I would not go as far as to label myself a "poser bitch." Nor do most of the people I know, because they choose to judge me on my actions and words, not on one of the countless pairs of shoes i'll own over the course of my life.

They are shoes.
They are not god.
I bought etnies because they were fairly comfortable, stylish, and affordable ($60 compared to $120) And because i only had 5 minutes to buy a pair before my mom had to take my sis home for her nap. In addition, I wasn't aware that these days selecting a brand of shoe was a life altering decision, expressing your deepest feeling, opinions, and beleifs (apparently)

I was led to beleive that they were simply devices to prevent you from stepping on nails and dying.
by keepitinperspective June 04, 2007

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