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4 definitions by keepin it real

A swamp-donkey is a girl that gets guys that for some reason cant say no to any pussy no matter how smelly,repulsive,and blubber infested,it is. the swamp-donkey is also known to try to inpregnate her self in order to keep the dumb ass that was stupid enough to fuck that low life,gag-amaggot,cockhound, gutter-rat bitch!
I cant belive jeremy had a baby by that swamp donkey heather.
ya shes so fuckin ugly I wouldn't fuck her with a shot-gun well maybe a shot gun if loaded.Ha Ha that was not a joke.Seriously that bitch is so nasty you could run her over with a 18 wheeler and it would improve her looks.
by keepin it real March 23, 2005
759 567
a little like shifty and sly
Holy smokes! Stealing candy from small children is awfully shady!
by keepin it real January 12, 2005
6 16
1. Behaving in a way that is consistent with the stereotypes of African-American people.
She had the nerve to show up at the company picnic with Fried Chicken and Watermelon, that is so black.
by keepin it real June 14, 2006
46 91
WeLL... tHa DeFiNiTiOn Fo' tHa WoRd SkUx iS tHa ToWn BoYz... aIIgHt GeEs! aNd tHaS aLL u GoTTa No!
TuSi FrOm SpAtZ aNd PiC PtOwN! oR TiSeNgA FrOm sUm UpPeR hUtT LoTu! Ha!
by kEEpIn iT rEaL November 10, 2003
28 123