22 definitions by keenan

The best weed, green, trees,scama on earth
{leave message at da beep}"Aye nigga dis ___ call my phone back i need dat droliolioli-holla"
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
soliciting illegal drugs
im hurtin out here im bout to start bangin...

trees; you got dat.."you alredy know im still bangin"
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
Weed that is grown in jamaica
You know i gotta puff dat scamma

he thoed off dat scamma
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
looks like jay but lacks the silent hetero life mate bob
hey my names keenen want to smoke a bowl?
by keenan December 15, 2003
fitted cap
bruh, i had to pop me another pro model for da low low
by KEENAN September 30, 2003
The dried up shit that is left in your pantaloons
hey ma, i told you to get the cursty joes outta mah pants!
by Keenan April 16, 2004
my mothers cakes
"mom this cake tastes like shit!!!!"
by keenan April 07, 2004

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