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2 definitions by kebsturr

An ugly thing that hurts more than one of the parents. It can break a young child's heart. See the example below!
Mom: Billy, your father and I are getting a divorce.

Dad: Now, don't think this is all about you.

Billy: It was me! I was the one who killed the cat.

Mom: Not true. Pooders fell of a cliff.

Billy: Will you still live with each other?

(Mom and Dad glance at each other.)

Mom: No I'm sorry. Daddy is moving out.

Billy: Why?
(runs up to bedroom)
by kebsturr March 19, 2009
(noun) to be knowlegeable in the ways of having skillages.
(guy does a double backflip of the empire statment building)
guy: Dude, that was AWESOME!
Guy #2: You are so skilligent.
by kebsturr March 18, 2009