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Headies are a non commercial or less commercial , high grade type of Marijuana... a grade up from beasters and two grades up from mids or outdoor mass grown budz or (shwag)... the quality of these buds cannot be beat... easly distinguished by there extremely potent scent. Headies cannot be confused with other buds they look like the pot out of high times magizine and gaurinteed to fuck you up
These headies are soo much better than those beasters you have
by Kdiddy March 28, 2006
something or someone that is tight, phat, chill, cool, rocks, or just plan awesome
dam fool that shirt is the bomb you know
by kdiddy September 09, 2003
V - Having sexual relations with hefty (large) women.
Big girls need love to, yes I like to plowmoocow
by kdiddy June 15, 2006

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