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The one who takes care of his princess's every need, mainly technological and financial. The bane of many university IT workers.
Techie: What seems to be the problem?
Princess: It doesn't work.
Techie: How so?
Princess: I have ...
<Techie realises she has a virus>
Techie: Do you have virus protection?
Princess: I don't know, Daddy set it up.
Techie: Is there a ____ in the bottom right hand corner?
Princess: No, just the time.
Techie: I suggest you put a virus scanner on there.
Princess: I have to talk to daddy about that.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
The act of pulling somebody else's pants down to cause embarrasment.
When Stuart leaned over, I gave him a droopy drawers.
by KD5PBO March 04, 2006
A new feature released in Mac OSX 10.4 which allows users to use a number of widgets. Activated by hitting F-12 or FN]+F-12], it is often envied by users of Microsoft Windoze.
I just put the latest widget on my dashboard.

The weather in angola? Let me check my dashboard.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
One who uses Windows as the result of a conscious decision. Usually fairly apt at doing what they want to do, but no more.
See that illogical kid over there? He's a windows user.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
An acceptable way to ask whether a seat, bench, etc. is taken when dealing with whom the only language one has in common is Spanish. Asking ¿Puedo sientarme aquí? might have bad consequences.
Loser Gringo: ¿Puedo sientarme aquí?
Cute Hispanic girl: *Whacks Loser Gringo*
Froody Hitchhiker: ¿Stacupado?
CHG: *Kisses Hitchhiker*
by KD5PBO March 14, 2006
Origin: Latin

An admonition given in Latin clases in English speaking countries. Its literal translation, if not in English, is nonsensical, but in English is "Never Where Under Where." SUSU is often found as grafiti in the more educative schools.
Semper ubi sub ubi - Anonymous

**Author leaves giggling**
by KD5PBO April 29, 2006

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