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79 definitions by kayla

1. very, very large
2. superfluous
That bowl we smoked was gormundo.
by kayla January 12, 2005
1. a cooler way to say tales of symphonia.

2. another way of saying cool

also see on a scale of one to tales
1. Lets go play Tales.
2. That rollercoaster was so totaly tales!!!
by Kayla February 08, 2005
see "wigger"
boud is a wigger
by kayla May 12, 2004
a san francisco bay area term synonymous with 'very'
she drove hella far to get here!

donna is hella cool.
by kayla December 02, 2003
To fall down and it looks like it hurt.
The boy who was skiing down the hill beefed.
by kayla June 19, 2004
having a small dick like matt miller
matt miller has a small package
by Kayla March 30, 2005
a sunburn that could ulimately lead to skin cancer
"damn, look at this scancer"
"My scancer really hurts right now"
"could you pick up some aloe for my scancer?"
by Kayla December 01, 2004