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A Day spent watching films featuring Jared Leto.
A Jarathon is only a Jarathon is there are Five or More Jared Leto Films Being Watched. Any less than Five Is called a Letofest.
"hey...fancy a Jarathon?"
"HELLL yes! Do we have enough films?"
"ummmm, no...we'll have to have a letofest instead."
by kayeee April 08, 2008
An argument in which one member gets completely out witted by the other, over and over again.
Laura: Are your parents siblings?
kate: no. your face is so obsure your parents obviously aren't.
Laura: that makes no sence mayte.
Kate: Yes it does. it means their genes must be very different to create that mug.
Laura: bad comeback then dear.
kate: no, you're just too stupid to get it.
there you have it, the original slayathon.
by kayeee March 23, 2008

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