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1) refers to a person who spends too much time dating on Nerve.com raher than meeting people in "real life."
2) you can sometimes spot these persons from their "witty" profiles on Nerve.com around town, especially in the Village and on the L train.
Matilda: Juliet (RedPiper72) is a serious Nervester. She went out with HungryLad462, RedPlume71, Chomsky01, ElectricLoins66 and Beatle_Box all last week. too bad she never gets past a second date--much less a first one. Is it because she is impolite and a big drunk...or is her ass just too big? What do ya think?

Glynnis: Her ass is definitely big...but the rest is true as well.

Matilda: Yeah.
by katesherlock November 08, 2004

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