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A word used by townies/chavs/pikies and is usually a word to agree with another person's comment.
Townie 1: alright mate
Townie 2: yeh im just chillin
Townie 1: Those shox are blingin
Townie 2: Ennit mate!
by kate miller December 08, 2004
brown hair...thinks she a sex goddess..her boyfriend is probaly gay..bt we dont tell her this..so we jst pretend that she is our queen...our saint..our god....secretly we hide from her when playing hide and seek and she stays in her plays 4 hours.
danm harriets so kool..i wish i was her...she da man!!!!yes u!!!! she sed hi to me today, and waved at my friends if only she loved me as much
by kate miller December 08, 2004
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