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173 definitions by kate

a place where every evil old person in the world goes to mingle and ruin the lives of young adults trying to live off of minimum wage.
"hank, i need to go to Price chopper to get my prune juice and saltines.
by kate December 25, 2004
a short form for the word KATE
hey k8!
by katE April 23, 2003
Short for tight. See tight.
That new CD is so tite!
by Kate March 25, 2004
a low-budget western film made by a european, especially an italian, film company.
"i'm bored... let's go see a spaghetti western!!"
by kate April 18, 2004
when a girl rubs herself on the seam of her trousers or jeans to feel sexual arousal.
in a boring maths class
by kate December 22, 2004
Loser in spanish.

see also Soy un perdedor
Paco is a perdedor.

Soy un perdedor, I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
by Kate March 13, 2005
short for special, only cool people can use it
those two girls are very spesh.
by kate December 24, 2004