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A person that relishes in expressing his/her discomfort vocally (or whinges) at all times.
"Quit being such a mard-arse" (quit your whining)
by Kate November 30, 2003
A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement. Party.
I'm going to a do tonight
by Kate April 20, 2004
An authority figure who takes pleasure in tormenting his/her underlings.
My devil boss hit on me again today.
by kate November 22, 2004
a place where every evil old person in the world goes to mingle and ruin the lives of young adults trying to live off of minimum wage.
"hank, i need to go to Price chopper to get my prune juice and saltines.
by kate December 25, 2004
Short for tight. See tight.
That new CD is so tite!
by Kate March 25, 2004
the things that stick to the front of women and fat mens cheasts and bounce when they walk. If a bra is not worn they may bounce to much, even so far as to escape.
'o no, my boobies fell out and all the young men are starting. golly gosh, whatever shall I do?'
by Kate September 17, 2003
To be hammered, incoherently drunk, having a good time...etc.
Tom was tatered last night.
by Kate December 07, 2004

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