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It's time to have sex!

("have sex" can be replaced with "disco," like in Bollywood films, where censorship precludes any mention of sex)
Person 1: I'm so drunk.
Person 2: Me too.
Person 3: What should we do?
Person 1: It's time to disco!
Person 2: Yeah let's disco HARD!
Person 3: Yeah! Get out the disco balls.
Person 1: Point your fingers up.
Person 2: Thrust your pelvis.
Person 3: Ow!
Person 1: Can't stop.
Person 2: Won't stop.
by karsonwr December 07, 2009
Notes taken while drunk. Drotes are best when written on a smart phone.
Person 1: What are you doing?

Person 2: Checking my drotes.

Person 1: What are drotes?

Person 2: Bye.
by karsonwr February 19, 2012
Skinny ankles. Like kankles, except they're SKINNY ANKLES get it?! SKANKLES! The whole skank thing is secondary.
Person 1: Hey what's up? Damn you are so skinny! Why do you wear such long pants in the summer?

Person 2: Cuz my ankles are too skinny. I need to hide them.

Person 1: OOOH SHIT! You gotcho self some SKANKLES BITCH!!
by karsonwr September 17, 2010
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