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A genre consisting of R&B, Blues, and Light Rock. Bands in this genre tend to consist of people in their 30's or 40's, usually with 5-8 members. They often play free concerts that are put on by a city council, and take place on a large lawn (hence the name, "lawn" rock). Families with small children often attend these concerts, bringing along coolers full of wine, cheese and crackers. The parents will often get their kids on the stage to "dance", or their will be a dancing area directly in front of the stage. Occasionally, a Lawn Rock band will put out an album, which is often bought by people in their 30's or 40's.
There's a free concert down at City Park tonight, wanna go?
Nah, its probably some Lawn Rock band.
by karmaguitarma July 13, 2010
Slang for a New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap, or any hat with a flat brim that is worn by a douchebag.
Look at this fucking douchebag with his bro hat.
by karmaguitarma March 07, 2011

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