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15 definitions by karissa

nice only sort of australian
leah: "im going to stick my finger up your buthole"
me: NOICE!
by Karissa May 23, 2004
638 180
weed, herb, bud, marijuana
Man, let me go down the street so I can get some bomb......
by Karissa February 22, 2004
414 307
The worst holiday ever.
I hate Valentine's Day
by Karissa February 23, 2004
110 44
me! very outgoing and nice and compassionate and doesnt deal with any ones shit:)
by karissa October 16, 2003
352 299
When a chick has nipples as large (or larger) that Canadian bacon.
Jenna's Canadian bacon nipples are such a turn off.
by Karissa December 17, 2004
67 36
in other words your just saying shit as in shit that hurts only you add son on the end to make yourself seem cooler
shitson,i cut my finger
shitson this is mad homosexual!
by karissa November 25, 2004
36 12
Beautiful,cool,fashonable,sweet,smart,loveable,helpful,and Orlando Bloomy yap'thats me!!
Karissa is like sooooooo cool!!
by Karissa October 19, 2003
234 221