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Albino is a term used for people or animals who haven't got any pigment.
They usually have a very light skin, hair and eyes
Look, that white bunny with red eyes is an albino bunny!
by Karel October 04, 2003
long haired,girl who is very picky
its not good to be a karel all the time
by karel April 14, 2005
- massive
- mother of the russian army
- sexual godess
- four brain cells (as of 2004), but dying out fast
- pot head
You are such a Yuliya,
by Karel January 30, 2004
a seltfish inconcedriate mean person
yo momma is a shalea
by karel April 13, 2005
- A wild animal that lives in the forests of New Mexico. Usually you will not be able to see it during the day but at night it becomes wild.
- Also a ghost currently living in the Montezuma castle
- Yuliya's addoptive mother
Oh my god, I was in a zoo and they had three Imogones ther.I have never seen that before.
by Karel February 15, 2004

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