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The act of masturbating, but having no feeling, thus "pretending" someone else is giving you a hand job.

Apply a rubber band to base of ones penis (to lose personal feeling- See step 2 of Voyeur), then beat that meat like an polish butcher.
Last night I struck out at the club, so I went home and enjoyed a "Pretender". This dude waxed my rocket like a NASA janitor.
by karatekidllll June 22, 2009
The act of watching one's self masturbate feeling as an outside observer. A three step process; sit on hand to make it goe numb (see Stranger), apply a rubber band to base of ones penis (to lose personal feeling), then beat that dick like it owes you money.

Look down on occasion, you are know a voyeur!
In true "Voyeur" style, I caught a great "show" last night, some good looking dude with a HUGE dick was beating off like a monkey.
by karatekidllll June 18, 2009

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