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allefonket 1. A word humans use to attract mates
2. A new breed of heffalump
3. Teknofella spelled backwards
4. A word used during random conversation
Girl-"Whats up?"
Guy- "Nm, u?"
Girl- "Same"
Guy- "Allefonket"
(Girl thrusts self onto guy and passionately makes out with him)
by Kara March 01, 2005
"you are", as spoken by Bette Davis to Joan Crawford in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"
"But YAR, Blanche, YAR in that wheelchair!
by kara August 18, 2004
A good trustworthy Hindi friend
She is sure one heck of a vasantham
by Kara April 05, 2005
It means fucking lame-o
You suck you flame-o!
by kara January 05, 2005
the lowdown; what's going on; the current events in one's life
Q: What up homie?
A: The shibby.
by Kara April 10, 2004
a shorter version of "pedestian"
Whoooa Emily, watch out for those jay-walking peds!
by Kara August 27, 2005
A ghetto... ass... college.
1: Hey! I am probably going to end up going to A.C.C.!!!
2: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh... you're serious.
by Kara November 10, 2004

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