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a big angry buck ass nigger
Look at Mike Tyson, a dominant silverback gorilla, one to fear... One to fear. Hell, he even bit off another nigger boxers ear. What do you got to do to get kicked out of boxing? Give him millions and he still rapes miss nigger america, oh I’m sorry Miss black america… And goes to jail, they’ll always revert to their savage jungle ways without fail. Without fail.
by kandiblades666 March 02, 2009
the face one makes when receiving an intensely awesome oral session from a pro
cock mongrel: so did you hook up with that dominant silverback gorilla you met in the alley last night?

snicker licker: yeah, I totally sucked him off and tongue fucked his asshole for a good three hours, he had some major drummer face goin on
by kandiblades666 August 19, 2009

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