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a strong minded southern bell
whose idea of a perfect afternoon is
applying cake loads of drug store cosmetics to her face and going out for a walk on the Santa Monica beaches.
With the cold breeze rising up her pantie free legs and her double Ds strapped on good with a colorful hammock, which is also used in a dress like manner.
Because this is all left of her life after losing her teaching credential because her and her best friend would smoke out in
the back rooms of the science lab during teaching hours.
and her husband Eduardo a dirtty salvi leaving her with 8 kids and alotta debts after meeting a beautiful young puerto rican girl.
And the cosmetics surgeries haven't been helping because the
fault is iternal she needs to be happy with herself
she's depressed her family has rejected her existence for the fact that she has turned her back on their spiritual beliefs and instead of a traditional batmitzva she begged for a sweet sixteen and instead of ballet classes she asked for pole dancing classes, and later family rejection hit harder when she took up her carreer as a pornstar.
but at he end of the day her life is complete because
aslong as she has some fruit punch flavored kool aid and her best friend by her side nothing can go wrong.
they will walk the Santa Monica Beaches together
jobless,manless,and with long acrylic nails
but with their heads up high a joint in one hand and a 40 oz. in the other nothing can go wrong
john:damnn did you see that new movie jessica made
Juanito: OHH si si muyy caliente
john: shes yummy
by kalua nelson March 25, 2008
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