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Was an awesome band man. One of the original three big jazz fusion bands (the other two where Weather Report and Return To Forever)Mahavishnu Orchestra was the heaviest, greatest and ass-kickingest of the bunch.
Mahavishnu Orchestra's greatest album: "Birds of Fire"
by kalle henderson April 01, 2007
Lame ass show about shit skater Bam Tardgera and his fat passive-agressive family. Bam is single handedly responsible for making ADD look cool. And now his uncle got caught trying to tap the ass of a twelve year old.
Welcome to the 21'st century.

Jackass is awesome though.
Viva La Bam dialouge:

Bam: "Nyeahaha now were going to ram an axe into Vito's Humvee! Its not like we never done that before, only once in every fucking episode. Maybe later we can film me living out my secret fantasy of touching my fathers tits by slapping him! Im such a rebel!"

Vito: "Huahdubindouszeå"
by kalle henderson April 01, 2007
Awesome FPS about ninja warrior Lo Wang. Brought to you by the good folks of 3D Realms, the same company that made Duke Nukem 3D so you can expect three things: Guns, Tits and Thrash-Talking.
Hey 3D Realms! Ditch Duke Nukem Forever and do a sequel for Shadow Warrior instead!
by kalle henderson April 02, 2007
Country with a big terrorist problem. State Terrorism that is. For over thirty years USA has pumped money and weapons in to this nation and trained Death Squads for Indonesia to use against East Timor.

Almost everyone from Ford to Clinton has given Indonesia a hand. Ford and Kissinger meet with Suharto 75 and gave him permission to massacre East Timor with US Weapons.
by Kalle Henderson June 02, 2007

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