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This word can be used to describe any positive gains made in any facet (the economy, personal life, world peace, even banging a lot of hoes, etc.) so long as Ron Paul has promoted liberty on that day. Liberty has far reaching effects, beyond what us lowly serfs can even envision - so its time to start documenting its benefits. Each day when something good happens catalog it on the internet so when Ron Paul is running for re-election in 2012 we can outline his positive effects on all of mankind by searching Google for this word.
Father: How is it going son?
Son: Not so good the teacher told me that capitalism caused the great depression and the government must regulate the economy
Father: that cunt - its okay though the department of education is being liquidated tomorrow and she will be on the street sucking dicks for quaters.
Son: thats paulnomenonal!
by kalibah October 20, 2007
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