1 definition by kahayop

a country run by variety shows with that fag joey de leon and that fool willie revillame.

both mofos are making a lot of money out of sarcasm, the minority and making fun of uneducated people as well as the poor people. those two dip shits needs to get out of the air and get a gun, shoot each other between their eyes. those two are perverted fucks that need to die. if they do. the philippine will be a better place to live in.
GMA: what do you think will happen if joey de leon and willie revillame run for presidency?

Me: my mind is filled with apathy so much, i dont vote. why would i care. politics in the Philippines is so corrupt anyway.

Me again: hey! why the fuck am i talking to you? you cheating-for-presidency-lying-bitch!
by kahayop August 19, 2009

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