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The seal around a person anus.
She road the bone rollercoaster so much her o rings are blown. Causing skid marks in her panties.
by kagent November 23, 2005
A person that has dark pigmentation around their eyes similar to the color of an anus.
The brother had dark circles around his eyes which amused his friends as they called him anus eyes
by kagent November 23, 2005
When the nipples on a womans breast become erected due to cold weather.
The air was so cold she noticed her nipples became erect turning them into burrnippies.
by kagent November 23, 2005
Dried little pieces of fine rolled up toilet paper that accumulates in the hair around yo ass.,
The brother wiped his boodie and felt slight tugging of whippets that had dried around his shoot.
by kagent November 23, 2005

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