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1 definition by kaaaaaaaar

Also commonly referred to as "The Baron", is a name given to a friend or acquaintance who may have over indulged on alcohol and/or illicit drugs. This over indulgence usually leads to erratic and unsocial behaviour by the individual and is usually followed by some, if not all of the following;
-total disregard for own wellbeing

-refusal of entry or ejection from most establishments
-destruction of property
-assault, particularly against the female gender
-public urination
-Donor kebab

The name is derived from an old 17th century prophet, Sir Markos Von Nanananan. Sir Von Nananan was notorious for his over indulgence and subsequent arrogance and was well known for his famous quote, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
Who's friend is the Baron
by kaaaaaaaar January 27, 2011
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