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Windows rot is a colloquialism encapsulating the belief that computers using various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system suffer incremental and inevitable degradation of responsiveness and performance over time.
Windows users complain about having to reinstall their operating system when suffering Windows rot, because they are are unable or unwilling to invest in the time sink of many frivolous tasks necessary to maintain a healthy system.
by k2t0f12d May 03, 2009

1. the state of being comprised of entirely free (as in freedom of speech) components - esp. in reference to computer software

2. sacrificing immediate convenience where it conflicts with personal freedom and social solidarity

3. refusing seductive offers which include an agendas designed to entrap or exploit takers
The stallmanite kernel version came from the Linux Libre project.

I told her that the nVidia driver would support the game, but she was stallmanite.

I offered to lend him my iPod, but he was stallmanite and said no thanks.
by k2t0f12d May 04, 2009

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