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Miscou Island, 64 km2, comprises the most eastern part of Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada, on the west side of the Gulf of St Lawrence and at the entrance to CHALEUR BAY.

The island is characterized by white sandy beaches, peat bogs, stunted trees, lakes, salt lagoons and a lighthouse at the northern tip, Miscou Point.

Miscou has a population of approximately 650 full time residents. The island is mostly settled by people of Acadian ancestry and speak French, but many are bilingual.

The island's sand dunes and lagoons host a variety of migratory birds, making the island a favourite location for birding and naturalists. Miscou Harbour has recently become a favourite spot for kite-surfing.
We're going to visit the Miscou Island lighthouse that was built in 1856 and designated a national historic site in 1974.
by k.sloan March 29, 2011

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