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vicodin, a refined form of Codiene that is less irritable to most people but causes a euphoric, "just had sex" feeling for several hours...

very addictive, but rightly so, cuz you love that just got laid feeling to last, i mean who doesn't??

named so becuase of the All-time awesomest QB in NFL history's (brett favre) past and ongoing addiction to these..
but again, rightly so as he throws more TD's than picks and continues to break his own records for continuous games started, awesomeness, etc..
girl: yeah, i was in a ton of pain last week, i felt like i was going to die, the only thing that got me through were the vicodin..
guy: yeah, that sucks, you should really lay off the favre pills...
and lay on me if you wanna feel that good..
by k-pack October 24, 2005
describes the period of time when, after a nice big lunch of mexican food, you retreat to the can and deuce while catching a few Z's, all while on the clock...

also defined as a "crapnap"
man, that la bamba's is hittin me, it's gonna one helluva schnap when we get back to the office...
by k-pack October 14, 2005

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