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Slang for what do you have for me.
Guy 1: "Wacchu got on my 40 cuz?"

Guy 2: "I got 20 dubs on it right now."
by K!NG KHANH June 22, 2007
An annoying person who everyone hates but they still follow you and think their your friend.

Someone who buts into your conversations and starts laughing like you told a joke.
Jim: "That was so funny last night."

Ted: "I know!"

Person: "Hahahaha! That was funny!"

Jim: "Ted we just got Manfreded!"
by K!NG KHANH June 22, 2007
The area where you have no signal on your wireless device whatsoever and you can't send or recieve anything.
" I was having a really important buisness call with my boss yesterday until I hit a dead spot and lost it."
by k!NG KHANH June 26, 2007
Like a hooker..only smarter.
Guy 1: "Man I'm broke!"

Guy 2: "Why?"

Guy 1: "I've been out buying my girl all this stuff."

Guy 2: " Man yo girl is a gold digger."
by k!NG KHANH June 28, 2007
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