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A solid brass pipe sold in headshops that has several unique parts to it, such as a bowl cover lid that swivels, a poker, a tar trap and a small compartment for stashing weed.
"Dude, you want to get high? I've got my protopipe."
by Jynx September 21, 2004
An interracial relationship, with the focus on the sexual element of the relationship.
"That why you ain't got no time for your boys? Too busy frontin?"
"Too busy snowflakin!"
by Jynx May 06, 2005
being of uber-awesomeness
Man Larry, you are really a jynx tonight it's not even funny.
by Jynx June 14, 2003
(noun) 1. like a bro (see also, brother), 2. from the hood, 3. jynxesque (see also, pimpology), 4. O.G.
"Y'all hoodrats wanna be brosy like me, but ya can't come close"
by jynx June 28, 2004
a boy who doesnt shower and is slease. unfortunately i never noticed the smell, looked past the greasy hair, belived in him, and fell in love. he broke my heart. he is complete slease.
Candice: hes grease
Leanna: no grease is good, grease is a movie. he's slease!
Candice: hmm.. something greasy and bad..
Leanna: grease from a pizza
Candice: pizza grease
Leanna: *hysterical laughing* Pizzagrease!!!
Kerri and Candice: huh?
Leanna: PETES A GREASE! pizzagrease!
by Jynx March 02, 2005
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