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1) n. An unquantifiable distance that may or may not be equal to the distance of an actual mile in any way but describes a distance that one would have others believe to be great in length.

2) n. A long fucking way.

3) n. A unit of measurement commonly used to incite excitement and enthusiasm regarding a given distance.

4) n. A completely bullshit exaggeration of any distance or given thing.


1) Not to be used as a unit of measurement for one's penis unless you are gay and are in the sole company of another gay man or men.

2) The prefix "dick" can be used interchangeably with other nouns.
I just walked 47 fucking dickmiles in the pouring rain.

It took 12 dickhours to write this fucking paper.

Pulling a sled across a hundred acre dickfield is hard work.

I just stepped in shit with my brand new dickshoes.

Turn off the dicklight I'm trying to fucking sleep.

Tell your dickdog to stop dickbarking.
by jwbaldy November 09, 2010

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