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a small white upper kiddle lower class town full of white italinas acting like guidos with there overy gelled hair and viva italia t-shirts. This town is also refered to as "the streets of paug". The wrestling team dominates in the happauge athletics. Most kids in high school are always drunk/high and 99% of kids can beat up the security guards. Let also not forget the african american population. Most have moved here from the boondocks of brentwood and always seem intimidading."Make it a great day or not......the choice is yours." The kids of this town are also addicted to not only drugs but Arnold Palmer half and half lemonade and ice tea.
hauppauge kid: make it a great day or,,,,
hauppauge kid #2: go smoke weed
by jvlervblse\fvbldbe April 14, 2010

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