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The widespread political practice started in 2007 that deprives a majority of the population of sensitivity, vitality and (most importantly) intelligence.
Bob - Who did you vote for?
Joe - Obama
Bob - WTF?
Joe - He's going to CHANGE things.
Bob - Dude, you've been lobamatized!
by jval73 April 23, 2011
When using a stall in a public restroom to take an extremely unpleasant shit, wiping yourself and then offering the used toilet paper to the person in the stall next to you as evidence of your foul deed.
Mike - Hey man, can I borrow some toilet paper, my stall is empty?

Todd - Sure, here you go.

Mike - All finished with it you can have it back now.

Todd - OMG, that is fucking disgusting, what died in your ass?

Mike - I know, that's why I had to show and smell.
by jval73 June 11, 2011

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