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smart;independent,beautiful woman
your a real consualo
by justin rodgers April 07, 2010
the second or last form of fighting known to the ishiro clan this form of fighting is very unike it absorbs chakara and it becomes the users own chakara. this form of fighting uses the ussers chakara like a magnet and draws in all types of chakara as if it were metal and transform the opponents chakara into the same magnet like chakara which increases the magnetism to the other chakaras. this is strickly a defensive form of fighting and shouldn't be used in cqc very long unless the user has greate physical strenght and stamina to constantly dodge and strike the opponent when they're open.
jentii style has the ultimate power.
i absorbed your fire style with my jentii arts.
jentii arts hurricane! 100 blows.
by justin rodgers April 11, 2010
a style of fighting in the ishiro clan this art of fighting is unike in the land of rocks because it uses chakara like a magnet and repulses the user by shifting it and the users chakara into negatively charged chakara so its like putting two south magnets together or north.And with the noroigan being able to see the flow of chakara they can target were large amounts are built up and strike it causing the opponent to jerk back or even fly back. this art of fighting is a defensive and aggresive type of fighting but it can't be used that long if the user doesn't keep consitration on their chakara to keep it shifted to negative and they have to constintly change ther foes chakara to. They're also able to use this chakara in their jutsus to clash and repulse other jutsus.
with the gentii style i'll repulse you through a mountain.
gentii arts heavens palm repulse.
gentii arts repeling storm 20 blows.
by justin rodgers April 11, 2010
Noroigan-(lit.cured eye.)-a Noroigan is one of the kekegenkai's of the land of rocks naturally passed down in the Ishiro clan. These eyes pocess one of the most powerful oculer jutsu, this eye enables the user to see into the future temperarely and has a feild of vision similar to the byakugan. But this eyes field of vision is only 340 degrees and it can't see through walls. But it can see the flow of chakara but it is only as good at seeing chakara like the sharingan. And the two weaknesses of this eye is its huge blindspot and after deactivation your temperarely blind.
i'll use my noroigan to destroy you.
the noroigan see's everything.
I won't hold back any more... Noroigan!
by justin rodgers April 11, 2010

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