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Measurement used when an individual brags about the amount of beers consumed in a given night knowing that the facts are exaggerated. As to measure your beer count in dog years. Ie. Times seven.
Bragger= "I drank 35 beers last night"
Facts= You were there and bragger drank about 7 beers.
Response= "DOG Beers maybe."
by justin price January 17, 2007
Female pubic hair. When the pubic region is trimmed around the top and shaven on the sides, leaving the top fully grown. This causes a puffy like ball of hair just atop the female opening.
"She wasn’t totally clean shaven, and it wasn’t quite like a landing strip. It was more like a little POM POM of pubic hair sitting above my target area."
by justin price January 16, 2007
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