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A small down about an hour away from San Francisco. The average income per household is 114,000 a year but the houses are way overpriced. You have to pay at least 800,000 for a 2,000 sq. foot house. The adults are relatively nice but they will yell at you if you step on their lawn. Most of the kids in Danville go to Diablo Vista, a pretty nice school if you look past the creepy teachers that are 2 million years old. Danville is made up of kind of rich people, rich people, and ehmagardihavesomuchmoneyidon'tknowwhattodo people. The gated community, Blackhawk has absolutely no sidewalks, and is filled with old farts who golf all day and spend their millions on expensive wines that no one will ever drink. There's nothing for teenagers to do in Danville besides steal their parents alcohol and tell everyone at school about it the next day to seem cool. The most fun place for people to hang out is at The Plaza which is kind of like an outlet mall for rich people. The Plaza is notorious for getting rid of stores that are there for over a year. There are at least ten drug dealers in Danville and most of them are teenagers. The teenage girls parade in shorts that are probably more revealing than most thongs and shirts that show off their barely-there cleavage. You'll be lucky to find one decent guy in Danville. most Danvillians worship rap and most of the white boys pretend to be black by sagging and saying nigga every five seconds.
Girl 1: Ohmygooodddd. There's nothing to do in Danville.
Girl 2: Hey let's go to the plaza. There's a great plastic surgery place there.
Boy 1: Sup mah niggas? What are you bitches doin taday?
Girl 1: We're going to the plaza.
Boy 1: Coo. After, do ya wanna come to my place to smoke some weed?
Girl 2: Sure. There's nothing else to do.
by justgetmeoutofthisplace September 03, 2012

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