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3 definitions by justanotherpersonwithareallylongname

A name for someone who uses so-called "ghetto" words, thinking it makes them cool, but really they just look/sound like a complete idiot.
Dude1: Yo, wasSAAAP in the hizzle my nizzle fo shizzle rizzle eeny meeny miney mo-mizzle!?!? ..Word.

Dude2: Just shut up, Uncoolio.
8 1
Coming from the word madd, meaning something along the lines of extreme(ly), awesome(ly), etc. and the word hott, meaning something along the lines of sexy, good-looking, etc.
"Pierre from Simple Plan is madd hott!" -my friend, Lauren
3 1
From the word toetally from the word totally. Only used if someone says "toetally" first, or you'll just sound like (even more of) an idiot.
Dude1: That was awesome.

Dude2: Toetally.

Dude1: Fingerally.
2 7