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The worlds most greatest person you'll ever meet & if so that you're actually lucky enough to meet him, never let him go.

He's adorable, lovable & hugable and just down right amazing in every sense of the word. He'll make you laugh, and do anything to stop you from crying. Alex is most certainly a wonderful friend, as well as just being as being a fabulous person in general!

Whether it's the worst day of your life, or the highest point in your year, he'll just make you feel even happier about everything!
Treat him right, and he's the most greatest & loyal friend you'll ever come about.
He stays on skype calls for hours upon hours on end and you never get bored of the constant conversing!
& also on top of all the already mentioned epicness ~ he's a Mexican Kinky Bean Drug Lord Extraordinaire & i fucking love him to bits. (always more than what he claims to love me)
'If you're feeling down, just talk to Alex!'
by justanotherlife May 22, 2012

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