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Formerly sleepy agricultural centerpoint of Ventura County, now sleepy suburban centerpoint of Ventura County. Big mix of races, social classes, and citizenship status.
Going home to Oxnard is like going home to anywhere else in southern California, except I'm more likely to be characterized as a poor person. Even though I live in a big house on a golf course.
by justagirl February 04, 2005
the best anchorman in the history of san deeyago, legendary and literate. Especially gifted in reading teleprompters
if I were Ron Burgandy I would say "hey everyone come look how good I look!" and people of every race, sex, and social class would swoon
by justagirl February 04, 2005
When a girl goes without a bra. (Braless) Which is a play on the mythical Amazonian all female tribes.
The top half version of Going Commando. for girls.
"I'm so jealous of becky, she's only a A-cup, so she's been Going Amazon whenever she wants and not get called a slut."
"I love this dress, I'm Going Amazon in it and no one even notices."
by JustAgirl July 18, 2013

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