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A proud Nordic race that after every meal travels the vast mountains of Juneau and other close mountain areas in the vast state of Alaska, searching for the carcasses of the great unmistakable stench of salmon. They out fish anyone in their path, and when challenged by a bear, a Savland will rip off the head and , if gender states, penis of said bear. They are very passionate lovers. Whoever is lucky enough to mate with a Savland will forever be known as the great survivor as no one has ever survived a mating season with any Savland... sex is very very deadly, but there is no other like it. Only the women are the fierce ones. The men are primarily self kept.
Holy shit it's a Savland. If we're lucky we may get some leftover fish scales.


I survived the Savland Mating ritual... I can't feel my penis.
by junoscavanger December 01, 2010

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