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A "Staten Island boy", in the Caucasian sense, is usually of Italian descent (there is, however, a heavy smattering of Irishmen; and Albanians and Russians to a lesser extent). A Staten Island boy is often misappropriated the title of a "guido". A guido is usually from New Jersey, Long Island, or Westchester. A Staten Island boy will usually be seen wearing a Sean John or Lacoste track jacket, baggy jeans, and white sneakers, whereas a guido from New Jersey or Long Island would tend to wear A/X. Diesel, and striped button-up shirts, tight jeans, and dress shoes. However, the biggest difference between a boy from Staten Island and a "guido" is the hairstyle. A guido will usually have their hair spiked-up, or styled with gel in some other way. A Staten Island boy, however, will usually have a shaved head. The "spiked-up" hairstyle (as seen on "Growing Up Gotti") was NEVER a style worn by boys on Staten Island. However, around the year 2000, a similar style was popular. This style was made up of a "tape-up" (short hair faded from the skin into the top from the back and the sides), with gel applied to the top to make it look "curly" rather than "spikey". This style was emulated from the Puerto Ricans at that time who have hair of the same texture as the many Italians of the borough. Today, on the other hand, most boys from Staten Island style their hair in the "caesar" style or, more commonly, completely shaven. Staten Island boys mostly listen to hip-hop music, and never house music (guidos), or Eminem, which have also been misapplied. Staten Island boys have New York accents, whereas people from New Jersey typically don't (LI and Westchester to a lesser degree). A Staten Island boy will typically have more in common with a boy from Bensonhurst or Bay Ridge, Brooklyn rather than NJ, LI, or Westchester.
A staten island boy is NOT a "guido".
by junior718 May 16, 2006

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